My Story

Welcome, I started my Scentsy journey in May of 2011 while at a good friends house. I have always loved candles but the kids were always blowing them out. Well Scentsy solved that. I ordered my first Scentsy that night and before I even had my order I had signed up to sell. I figured this would be a great way to be busy while husband is overseas. Little did I know it would be more than just a hobby. I fell in love with it and have never looked back.  Scentsy  has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and visit places I may never see like Las Vegas.  Since joining I have moved 3 more times. Recently we moved back to the DC area where my journey began.  I would love to help you start your scentsy journey.  Like me on Facebook
*Frequently Asked Questions About Joining I don't live in your area. Can you still be my sponsor? Of course! That's the great thing about Scentsy. You can have team members and customers from all over.  I'm worried I won't make money. What should I do? There is no doubt that you are taking a chance by starting a new business. Consider this - A small business takes an average of $10,000 to start but with Scentsy your initial investment is ONLY $99! If you hold just ONE $500 party (which is frequently achieved), you will earn $100 in your first commission check. That covers the cost of the kit! Easy as that!